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CIISA international publications in lipids research area

(Apenas estão incluidos artigos SCI e capítulos de livros de ampla circulação internacional)





___________________________________ 2019 ___________________________________

Santos-Silva J., Francisco A. Alves, SP, Portugal, PV, Dentinho, T., Almeida, J., Jerónimo, E., Bessa, R.J.B. 2019. Effect of dietary neutral detergent fibre source on lambs growth, meat quality and biohydrogenation intermediates. Meat Sci. 147:28-36.


Silva, C.C.G., Silva, S.P.M., Prates, J.A.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Rosa, H.J.D., Rego, O.A., 2019. Physicochemical traits and sensory quality of commercial butter produced in the Azores. Int Dairy J 88, 10-17.


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___________________________________ 2018 ___________________________________

Alves, S. P., Mendonça, S. H., Silva, J. L., Bessa, R. J. B. 2018. Nannochloropsis oceanica a natural source of rumen-protected eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) for ruminants.  Scientific Reports 8:10269.


Aldai, N., Delmonte, P., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Kramer, J. F. K. 2018. Evidence for the initial steps of DHA biohydrogenation by mixed ruminal microorganisms from sheep involves formation of conjugated fatty acids. J. Agric. Food Chem. 66:842-855.


Parente, M.O.M., Susin, I., Nolli, C. P., Ferreira, E.M., Gentil, R.S.,  Polizel, D.M., Pires, A.V., Alves, S.P., Bessa,  R. J. B. 2018. Effects of supplementation with vegetable oils, including castor oil, on milk production of ewes and on growth of their lambs. J. Anim. Sci. 96:354-356.


Antunes, I.C., Ribeiro, M.F., Pimentel, F.B., Alves, S.P., Oliveira, M., Bessa, R.J.B., Quaresma, M.A.G. 2018. Lipid profile and quality indices of ostrich meat and giblets. Poultry Sci. 97:1073-1081.


Antunes, I.C., Coimbra, M.C.P., Ribeiro, A.P., Ferreira, J.D., Abade Dos Santos, F., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Quaresma, M.A.G., 2018. Nutritional value of meat lipid fraction from red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa) obtained from wild and farmed specimens. Poultry Sci.


Fonteles, N.L.O., Alves, S.P., Madruga, M.S., Queiroga, R.R.E., Andrade, A. P., Silva, D.S., Leal, A.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Medeiros, A. N. 2018. Fatty acid composition of polar and neutral meat lipids of goats browsing in native pasture of brazilian Semiarid. Meat Sci. 139:149-156.


Francisco, A., Alves, S.P., Portugal, P.V., Dentinho, M.T., Jerónimo, E., Sengo, S., Almeida, J., Bressan, M.C., Pires, V.M.R., Alfaia, C.M., Prates, J.A.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Santos-Silva, J. 2018. Effects of replace cereals by citrus pulp and of inclusion of rockrose (Cistus ladanifer, L) in high oil finishing diets for lambs on meat fatty acid composition.  Animal  12:872.881.


Cappucci, A., Alves, S. P., Bessa, R. J. B., Buccioni, A., Mannelli, F., Pauselli, M., Viti, C., Pastorelli, R., Serra, A., Conte, G., Mele, M. 2018. Effect of increasing amounts of olive crude phenolic concentrate in the diet of dairy ewes on rumen liquor and milk fatty acid composition. J. Dairy Sci. 101:4992-5005.


Costa, M., Alves, S. P., Cappucci, A., Cook, S. R., Duarte, A., Caldeira, R. M., McAllister, T. A., Bessa, R. J. B. 2018. Effects of condensed and hydrolysable tannins on rumen metabolism with emphasis on unsaturated fatty acids biohydrogenation. J. Agric. Food Chem. 66:3367-3377.


Marques, C.C., Santos-Silva, C., Rodrigues, C., Matos, J.E., Moura, T., Baptista, M.C., Horta, A.E.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Alves, S.P., Soveral, G., Pereira, R.M.L.N. 2018. Bovine oocyte membrane permeability and cryosurvival: Effects of different cryoprotectants and calcium in the vitrification media. Cryobiology 81:4-11.


Fradinho, M.J., Mateus, L., Bessa, R.J.B., Caldeira, R. M., Ferreira-Dias, G. 2018. Age-related changes of bone ultrasound measurements and metabolic indicators in the young horse. Livestock Sci. 211:104-110.


Cremonesi, P., Conte, G., Severgnini, M., Turri, F., Monni, A., Capra, E., Rapetti, L., Colombini, S., Chessa, S., Battelli, G., Alves, S.P., Mele, M., Castiglioni, B., 2018. Evaluation of the effects of different diets on microbiome diversity and fatty acid composition of rumen liquor in dairy goat. Animal 12:1856-1866.


Dentinho, M.T.P., Moreira, O.C., Bessa, R.J.B. 2018. The use of polyethylene glycol to reduce the anti-nutritional effects of tannins in Cistus ladanifer L. Forest Systems 27:e04S.


Costa, A.S.H., Costa, P., Alves, S.P., Alfaia, C.M., Prates, J.A.M., Vleck, V., Cassar-Malek, I., Hocquette, J.F., Bessa, R.J.B. 2018. Does growth path influence beef lipid deposition and fatty acid composition? PLoS One 13:e0193875.


Barbosa, M., Queiroga, R., Bertozzo, C., Bomfim, M., Guerra, G., Araújo, D., Silva, J., Gomes, L., Costa, S., Bessa, R., Alves, S., Soares, J. B. 2018. Effect of diets with goat's milk fat associated with exercise on anxiety and oxidative stress in the brain of adult rats. Food & Function 9:2891-2901.


Ferro, A.M., Ramos, P., Guerra, A., Parreira, P., Bras, T., Guerreiro, O., Jeronimo, E., Capel, C., Capel, J., Yuste-Lisbona, F.J., Duarte, M.F., Lozano, R., Oliveira, M.M., Goncalves, S., 2018. Haplotype analysis of the germacrene A synthase gene and association with cynaropicrin content and biological activities in Cynara cardunculus. Mol. Genet. Genomics 293, 417-433.


Martins, C., Cullere, C., Dalle Zotte, A., Cardoso, C., Alves, S. P., Bessa, R.J.B., Freire, J. P. B., Falcão-e-Cunha, L. 2018. Incorporation of two levels of Black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens L.) fat and extruded linseed in diets of growing rabbits and their effects on growth performance and diet digestibility. Czech Journal of Animal Science 63:356-362.


Dalle-Zotte, A., Cullere, M., Martins, C. Alves, S. P., Freire, J. P.B., Falcão-e-Cunha, L. Bessa, R.J.B. 2018. Incorporation of Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens L.) larvae fat or extruded linseed in diets of growing rabbits and their effects on meat quality traits including detailed fatty acid composition. Meat Science. 146:50-58 


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___________________________________ 2017 ___________________________________


Van Leeuwen, K.A., Camin, F. Jerónimo, E., Vasta, V., Prenzler, P.D., Ryan, D., Bessa, R.J.B. 2017. Dietary effects on stable carbon isotope composition of polar and neutral fatty acids in the intramuscular fat of lambs. J. Agric. Food Chem. 65:9404-9411


Palma, M., Alves, S.P., Hernandez-Castellano, L.E., Capote, J., Arguello, A., Matzapetakis, M., Bessa, R.J.B., Almeida, A.M. 2017. Mammary gland and milk fatty acid composition of two dairy goat breeds under feed-restriction. J. Dairy Res. 84:267-271


Alves, S.P., Araujo, C.M., Queiroga, R.C., Madruga, M.S., Parente, M.O.M., Medeiros, A. N., Bessa, R.J.B. 2017 New insights on the metabolism of ricinoleic acid in ruminants. J. Dairy Sci. 100:8018-8032.


Harris, P.A., Ellis, A.D., Fradinho, M.J., Jansson, A., Julliand, V., Luthersson, N., Santos, A.S., Vervuert, I., 2017. Review: Feeding conserved forage to horses: recent advances and recommendations. Animal 11, 958-967.


Costa, M., Alves, S.P., Francisco, A., Almeida, J., Alfaia, C.M., Martins, S.V., Prates, J.A.M., Santos-Silva, J., Doran, O., Bessa, R.J.B. 2017. The reduction of starch in finishing diets supplemented with oil does not prevent the accumulation of trans-10 18:1 in lamb meat. J. Anim. Sci. 95:3745-3761


Quaresma, M.A.G., Antunes, I., Ribeiro, M., Prazeres, M., Bessa, R.J.B., Costa, P. 2017. Immunocastration an alternative to caponization: evaluation of its effect on body and bone development and on meat color and composition. Poultry Sci. 96:3608-3615


Alves, S.P., Alfaia, C.M., Škrbić, B., Živančev, J.,. Fernandes, M.J., Bessa, R.J.B., Fraqueza, M.J. 2017. Screening chemical hazards of dry fermented sausages from distinct origins: Biogenic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy elements J. Food Comp. Anal. 59:124-131.


Alves, S.P., Costa, M., Francisco, A., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J.B. 2017. Biohydrogenation patterns in digestive contents and plasma of lambs fed increasing levels of a tanniferous bush (Cistus ladaniferL.) and vegetable oils. Anim. Feed Sci. Technol. 225:157-172.


Duarte, R. V., Moreira, S.A., Fernandes, P.A., Santos, D.I., Inácio, R.S., Alves, S., Bessa, R.J.B., Saraiva, J. 2017. Whey cheese longer shelf life achievement at variable uncontrolled room temperature and comparison to refrigeration. J. Food Process. Preserv. 41:e13307


Alves, S.P., Fernandes, M.J., Fernandes, H., Bessa, R.J.B., Laranjo, M., Santos, A.C., Elias, M., Fraqueza, M.J. 2017. Quality and acceptability of dry fermented sausages prepared with low value pork raw material. J. Food Process. Preserv. 42:e12823.


Costa, M., Alves, S. P., Cabo, A., Guerreiro, O., Stilwell, G., Dentinho, M. T., Bessa, R.J.B. 2017. Modulation of in vitro rumen biohydrogenation by Cistus ladanifer tannins compared with other tannin sources. J. Sci. Food Agric. 97:629-635


Costa, P., Simões, J.A, Alves, S.P., Lemos, J.P.C., Alfaia, C.M., Lopes, P.A., Prates, J.A.M., Hocquette, J.F., Calkins, C.R., Vleck, V., Bessa, R.J.B. 2017. Beef palatability and its relationship with protein degradation and muscle fibre type profile in longissimus thoracis in Alentejana breed from divergent growth pathways. Animal. 11:175-182


Alfaia, C.M.M., Alves, S.P., Pestana, J., Madeira, M., Moreira, O., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates. J.A.M. 2017. Distinct fatty acid composition of some edible by-products from bovines fed high or low silage diets. Food Sci. Technol. Int. 23:209-221


Lordelo, M., Fernandes, E., Bessa, R.J.B., Alves, S.P. 2017.  Quality of eggs from different laying hen production systems, from indigenous breeds and specialty eggs. Poultry Sci. 96:1485-1491.


Almeida, A.M., Nanni, P., Ferreira, A.M., Fortes, C., Grossmann, J. Bessa, R.J.B., Costa, P. 2017. The longissimus thoracis muscle proteome in Alentejana bulls as affected by growth path. J. Proteomics 152:206-215.


Oliveira, M.A., Alves, S.P., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J.B. 2017. Effect of dietary starch level and its rumen degradability on lamb meat fatty acid composition. Meat Sci. 123:166-172.


Ferro, A.M., Ramos, P., Guerreiro, O., Jeronimo, E., Pires, I., Capel, C., Capel, J., Lozano, R., Duarte, M.F., Oliveira, M.M., Goncalves, S., 2017. Impact of novel SNPs identified in Cynara cardunculus genes on functionality of proteins regulating phenylpropanoid pathway and their association with biological activities. BMC Genomics 18, 183.


Ramos, P.A.B., Guerra, A.R., Guerreiro, O., Santos, S.A.O., Oliveira, H., Freire, C.S.R., Silvestre, A.J.D., Duarte, M.F., 2017. Antiproliferative Effects of Cynara cardunculus L. var. altilis (DC) Lipophilic Extracts. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 18, 63.

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___________________________________ 2016 ___________________________________


Alfaia, C.M., Alves, S.P., Pestana, J.M., Madeira, M.S., Moreira, O., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J., Toldrá, F., and Prates, J.A., 2016. Distinct fatty acid composition of some edible by-products from bovines fed high or low silage diets. Food Science and Technology International (in press) (doi: 10.1177/1082013216674137)


Costa, M., Alves, S.P., Cabo, Â., Guerreiro, O., Stilwell, G., Dentinho, M.T., and Bessa, R.J.B., 2016. Modulation of in vitro rumen biohydrogenation by Cistus ladanifer tannins compared with other tannin sources. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture (in press) (doi: 10.1002/jsfa.7777)


Francisco, A., Alves, S.P., Portugal, P.V., Pires, V.M.R., Dentinho, M.T., Alfaia, C.M., Jerónimo, E., Prates, J.A.M., Santos-Silva, J., and Bessa, R.J.B., 2016. Effect of feeding lambs with a tanniferous shrub (rockrose) and a vegetable oil blend on fatty acid composition of meat lipids. Animal (in press) (doi: 10.1017/S1751731116001129)


Costa, P., Simões, J.A., Alves, S.P., Lemos, J.P.C., Alfaia, C.M., Lopes, P.A., Prates, J.A.M., Hocquette, J.F., Calkins, C.R., Vleck, V., and Bessa, R.J.B., 2016. Beef palatability and its relationship with protein degradation and muscle fibre type profile in longissimus thoracis in Alentejana breed from divergent growth pathways. Animal (in press) (doi: 10.1017/S1751731116001373)


Alves, S.P., Fernandes, M.J., Fernandes, M.H., Bessa, R.J.B., Laranjo, M., A.-Santos, A.C., Elias, M., and Fraqueza, M.J., 2016. Quality and Acceptability of Dry Fermented Sausages Prepared with Low Value Pork Raw Material. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation  (in press) (doi: 10.1111/jfpp.12823)


Guerreiro, O., Alves, S.P., Costa, M., Cabo, Â., Duarte, M.F., Jerónimo, E., and Bessa, R.J.B., 2016. Effects of extracts obtained from Cistus ladanifer L. on in vitro rumen biohydrogenation. Animal Feed Science and Technology 219:304-312.


Freitas, P., Pereira, S.A., Santos, M.D., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Delgadillo, I., and Saraiva, J.A., 2016. Performance of raw bovine meat preservation by hyperbaric storage (quasi energetically costless) compared to refrigeration. Meat Science 121:64-72. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.meatsci.2016.05.001


Rego, O.A., Cabrita, A.R.J., Rosa, H.J.D., Alves, S.P., Duarte, V., Fonseca, A.J.M., Vouzela, C.F.M., Pires, F.R., and Bessa, R.J.B., 2016. Changes in milk production and milk fatty acid composition of cows switched from pasture to a total mixed ration diet and back to pasture. Italian Journal of Animal Science 15:76-86.


Bandarra, N.M., Lopes, P.A., Martins, S.V., Ferreira, J., Alfaia, C.M., Rolo, E.R., Correia, J.J., Pinto, R.M.A., Ramos-Bueno, R.P., Batista, I., Prates, J.A.M., Guil-Guerrero, J.L. 2016. DHA at the sn-2 position of structured triacylglycerols improved n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid assimilation in tissues of hamsters. Nutrition Research 36:452-463.


Guerreiro, O., Dentinho, M. T. P., Moreira, O. C., Guerra, A. R., Ramos, P.A.B., Bessa, R.J.B., Duarte, M.F., Jerónimo, E. 2016. Potential of Cistus ladanifer L. (rockrose) in small ruminant diets – effect of season and plant age on chemical composition, in vitro digestibility and antioxidant activity. Grass and Forage Science 71:437-447.


Madeira, M.S., Rolo, E. A., Alfaia, C. M., Pires, V. R., Luxton, R., Doran, O., Bessa, R. J. B., Prates, J. A. M. 2016. Influence of betaine and arginine supplementation of reduced protein diets on fatty acid composition and gene expression in the muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue of crossbred pigs. British Journal of Nutrition 115:937-950.


Oliveira, M. A., Alves, S. P., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R. J. B. 2016. Effects of clays used as oil adsorbents in lamb diets on fatty acid composition of abomasal digesta and meat. Animal Feed Science and Technology 213:64-73.(http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.anifeedsci.2016.01.006


Santos-Silva, J., Dentinho, M. T., Francisco, A., Portugal, A. P., Belo, A. T., Martins, A. P. L., Alves, S. P., Bessa, R. J. B. 2016. Replacing cereals by dehydrated citrus pulp in a soybean oil supplemented diet increases vaccenic and rumenic acids in ewe’s milk. Journal of Dairy Science 99:1173-1182.



Quaresma, M.A.G., Rodrigues, I., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R. J. B. 2016.  Meat lipid profile of suckling goat kids from certified and noncertified production systems. Small Ruminant Research 134:49-57.


Quaresma, M.A.G., Pimentel, F. B., Ribeiro, A.P., Ferreira, J.D., Alves, S.P., Rocha, I., Bessa, R.J.B., Oliveira, M.B.P.P. 2016. Lipid and protein quality of common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) reared in semi-extensive conditions. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 46:88-95. 


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___________________________________ 2015 ___________________________________


Alves, S. P., Alfaia, C. M., Skrbic, B., Durisic-Mladenovic, N., Fernandes, M. J., Bessa, R. J. B., Fraqueza, M. J. 2015. Tracing nutritional composition of dry fermented sausages from distinct origins. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. 39:2969-2978. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/jfpp.12548)


Alves, S. P., Raundrup, K., Cabo, A., Bessa, R. J. B., Almeida, A.M. 2015. Fatty acid composition of muscle, adipose tissue and liver from Muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) living in West Greenland. PLOS One 10(12): e0145241. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0145241)


Moreira, S. A., Duarte, R. V., Fernandes, P. A. R., Alves, S. P., Bessa, R. J., Delgadillo, I., Saraiva, J. A. 2015. Hyperbaric storage preservation at room temperature using an industrial-scale equipment: case of two commercial ready-to-eat pre-cooked foods. Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 32:29-36.

Madeira, M. S., Alfaia, C. M., Costa, P., Lopes, P. A., Martins, S. V., Lemos, J. P. C., Moreira, O., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R. J. B., Prates, J. A. M. 2015. Effect of betaine and arginine in lysine-deficient diets on growth, carcass traits and pork quality. Journal of Animal Science 93:4721-4733. (http://dx.doi.org/10.2527/jas.2015-9117)


Belaunzaran, X., Bessa, R. J. B., Lavín, P., Mantecón, A. R., Kramer, J. K. G., Aldai, N. 2015. REVIEW: Horse-meat for human consumption – current research and future opportunities. Meat Science 108:74-81.



Bessa, R. J. B., Alves, S. P., Santos-Silva, J. 2015. Constraints and potentials for the nutritional modulation of the fatty acid composition of ruminant meat. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. 117:1325-1344. 



Piras, A., Carta, G., Murru, E., Lopes, P.A., Martins, S.V., Prates,J.A.M., Banni, S. 2015. Effects of dietary CLA on n-3 HUFA score and N-acylethanolamides biosynthesis in the liver of obese Zucker rats. Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids 98:15-19.


Martins, S.V., Madeira, A., Lopes, P.A., Pires, V.M.R., Alfaia, C.M., Prates, J.A.M., Moura, T., Soveral, G. 2015.Adipocyte membrane glycerol permeability is involved in the anti-adipogenic effect of conjugated linoleic acid. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 458:356-361.


 Costa, P., Simões, J. A., Costa, A. S. H., Lemos, J. P. C., Navas, D., Hocquette, J. F., Calkins, C. R., Bessa, R. J. B. 2015. Repercussions of growth path on carcass characteristics, meat colour and shear force in Alentejana bulls. Animal 9:1414-1422. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S1751731115000427)


Guerreiro, O., Alves, S.P., Duarte, M.F., Bessa, R.J.B., Jerónimo, E. 2015. Cistus ladanifer L. shrub is rich in saturated and branched chain fatty acids and their concentration increases in the Mediterranean dry season. Lipids 50:493-501. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11745-015-4001-4)


Francisco, A., Dentinho, M.T., Alves, S.P., Portugal, P.V., Fernandes, F., Sengo,S., Jerónimo, E., Oliveira, M.A., Costa, P., Sequeira, A., Bessa, RJ.B., Santos-Silva, J. 2015. Growth performance, carcass and meat quality of lambs supplemented with increasing levels of a tanniferous bush (Cistus ladanifer L.) and vegetable oils. Meat Science 100:275-282. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.meatsci.2014.10.014).


Lopes, A.F., Alfaia, C.M.M., Partidário, A.M.C.P.C, Lemos, J.P.C., Prates, J.A.M. 2015. Influence of household cooking methods on amino acids and minerals of Barrosa-PDO veal. Meat Science 99:38-43. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.meatsci.2014.08.012)


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___________________________________ 2014 ___________________________________


Ribeiro, T., Lordelo, M.M., Costa, P., Alves, S.P., Benevides, W.S., Bessa, R.J.B., Lemos, J.P.C., Pinto, R.M.A., Ferreira, L.M.A., Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2014. Effect of reduced dietary protein and supplementation with a docosahexaenoic acid product on broiler performance and meat quality. British Poultry Science 55: 752-765.


Rosa, H.J.D., Rego, O.A., Silva, C.C.G., Alves, S.P., Alfaia, C.M.M., Prates, J.A.M., Bessa, R.J.B. 2014. Effect of corn supplementation of grass finishing of Holstein bulls on fatty acid composition of meat lipids. Journal of Animal Science 92:3701-3714. (http://dx.doi.org/10.2527/jas.2013-6982)


Rodrigues, P.O., Martins, S.V., Lopes, P.A., Ramos, C., Miguéis, S., Alfaia, C.M., Pinto, R.M.A., Rolo, E.A., Bispo, P., Batista, I., Bandarra, N.M., Prates, J.A.M. 2014.  Influence of feeding graded levels of canned sardines on the inflammatory markers and tissue fatty acid composition of Wistar rats. British Journal of Nutrition 112:309-319.(http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0007114514000853).


Martins, S.V., Alfaia, C.M., Lopes, P.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2014. Dietary sources and health implications of arachidonic acid. In: Arachidonic Acid - Sources, Biosynthesis and Health Effects (ed. N. Columbus), Chapter 2, Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York, USA, pp. 29-82. ISBN: 978-1-63117-620-3.


Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B. 2014. The trans-10,cis-15 18:2: a missing intermediate of trans-10 shifted rumen biohydrogenation pathway? Lipids 49:527-541. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11745-014-3897-4) 


Dentinho, M.T.P., Belo, A.T., Bessa, R.J.B. 2014.  Digestion, ruminal fermentation and microbial nitrogen supply in sheep fed soybean meal treatedwith Cistus ladanifer L. tannins. Small Ruminant Research 119:57-64.(http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.smallrumres.2014.02.012)

Madeira, M.S., Alfaia, C.M., Costa, P., Lopes, P.A., Lemos, J.P.C., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2014. The combination of arginine and leucine supplementation of reduced crude protein diets for boars increases eating quality of pork. Journal of Animal Science 92:2030-2040. (http://dx.doi.org/10.2527/jas.2013-6876)


Fradinho, M.J., Correia, M.J., Gracio, V., Bliebernitch, M., Farrim, A., Mateus, L., Martin-Rosset, W., Bessa, R.J.B., Caldeira, R.M., Ferreira-Dias, G. 2014. Effects of body condition and leptin on the reproductive performance of Lusitano mares on extensive systems. Theriogenology 81:1214-1222.


Madeira, M.S., Pires, V.M.R., Alfaia, C.M., Luxton, R., Doran, O., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2014. Combined effects of dietary arginine, leucine and protein levels on fatty acid composition and gene expression in the muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue of crossbred pigs. British Journal of Nutrition 111:1521-1535.(http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S0007114513004029 )


Lopes, P.A., Costa, A.S.H., Costa, P., Pires, V.M.R., Madeira, M.S., Achega, F., Pinto, R.M.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2014. Contrasting cellularity on fat deposition in the subcutaneous adipose tissue andlongissimus lumborum muscle from lean and fat pigs under dietary protein reduction. Animal 8:629-637. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S1751731114000160 )

Costa, A.S.H., Bessa, R.J.B., Pires, V.M.R., Rolo, E.A., Pinto, R.M.A., Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2014. Is hepatic lipid metabolism of beef cattle influenced by breed and dietary silage level? BMC Veterinary Research 10:65 (http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/1746-6148-10-65)


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___________________________________ 2013 ___________________________________ 


Costa, A.S.H., Pires, V.M.R., Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. Expression of genes controlling fat deposition in two genetically diverse beef cattle breeds fed high or low silage diets. BMC Veterinary Research 9:118 (Link).


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Madeira, M.S., Pires, V.M.R., Alfaia, C.M., Costa, A.S.H., Luxton, R., Doran, O., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. Differential effects of reduced protein diets on fatty acid composition and gene expression in muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue of Alentejana purebred and Large White × Landrace × Pietrain crossbred pigs. British Journal of Nutrition 110:216-229. (Link


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Santos, A.S., Ferreira, L.M.M., Martin-Rosset, W., Cone, J.W., Bessa, R.J.B., Rodrigues, M.A.M. 2013. Effect of nitrogen sources on in vitro fermentation profiles and microbial yield using caecal contents. Animal Feed Science and Technology 182:93-99. (Link)


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Monteiro, A.C.G., Gomes, E., Barreto, A.S., Silva, M.F., Fontes, M.A., Bessa, R.J.B., Lemos, J.P.C. 2013. Eating quality of "Vitela Tradicional do Montado"-PGI veal and Mertolenga-PDO veal and beef. Meat Science 94:63-68. (Link)


Costa, A.S.H., Costa, P., Bessa, R.J.B., Lemos, J.P.C., Simões,J., Santos-Silva,J.,Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. Carcass fat partitioning and meat quality of Alentejana and Barrosã young bulls fed high or low maize silage diets. Meat Science 93:405-412. (Link)


Gama, L.T., Bressan, M.C., Rodrigues, E.C., Rossato, L.V., Moreira, O.C., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B. 2013. Heterosis for meat quality and fatty acid profiles in crosses among Bos indicus and Bos taurus finished on pasture or grain. Meat Science 93:96-104. (Link)


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___________________________________ 2012 ___________________________________


Conte, G., Jerónimo, E., Serra, A., Bessa, R.J.B., Mele, M. 2012. Effect of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids on stearoyl CoA-desaturase gene expression in intramuscular lipids of lamb. Italian Journal of Animal Science 11:e79 (Link)


Jerónimo, E., Alfaia, C.M.M., Alves, S.P., Dentinho, M.T.P., Prates, J.A.M., Vasta, V., Santos-Silva, J. Bessa, R.J.B. 2012. Effect of dietary grape seed extract and Cistus ladanifer L. in combination with vegetable oil supplementation on lamb meat quality. Meat Science 92:841-847. (Link)


Quaresma, M.A.G., Trigo-Rodrigues, I., Alves, S.P., Martins, S.I:V:, Barreto, A.S., Bessa, R.J.B. 2012. Nutritional evaluation of the lipid fraction of Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) tenderloin. Meat Science 92:519-524. (Link)

Pestana, J.M., Costa, A.S.H., Martins, S.V., Alfaia, C.M., Alves, S.P., Lopes, P.A., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2012. Effect of slaughter season and muscle type on the fatty acid composition,  including conjugated linoleic acid isomers, and nutritional value of intramuscular fat in organic beef. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 92:2428-2435. (Link)


Costa, P., Lemos, J.P., Lopes, P.A., Alfaia, C.M., Costa, A.S.H., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M., 2012. Effect of low- and high-forage diets on meat quality and fatty acid composition of Alentejana and Barrosa beef breeds. Animal, 6:1187-1197. (Link)


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Faria, P.B., Bressan, M.C., Vieira, J.A., Vicente-Neto, J., Ferrão, S.P.B.,Rosa, F.C., Monteiro, M., Cardoso, M.G., Gama, L.T. 2012. Meat quality and lipid profiles in crossbred lambs finished on clover-rich pastures. Meat Science, 90:733-738. (Link)


Pestana, J.M.,Costa, A.S.H., Alfaia, C.M., Costa, P., Martins, S.V., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2012. Seasonal changes and muscle type effect on the nutritional quality of intramuscular fat in Mirandesa-PDO veal. Meat Science 90:819-827. (Link)


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Costa, A.S.H., Lopes, P.A., Estevão, M., Martins, S.V., Alves, S.P., Pinto, R.M.A.,Pissara, H., Correia, J.J., Pinho, M, Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M., 2012. Contrasting Cellularity and Fatty Acid Composition in Fat Depots from Alentejana and Barrosa Bovine Breeds Fed High and Low Forage Diets. International Journal of Biological Sciences, 8:214-227. (Link)


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 ___________________________________ 2011 ___________________________________


Martins, A.P.,Lopes, P.A., Costa, A.S.H., Martins, S.V., Santos, N.C., Prates, J.A.M.,Moura, T.F., Soveral, G., 2011. Differential mesenteric fat deposition in bovines fed on silage or concentrate is independent of glycerol membrane permeability. Animal, 5:1949-1956. (Link)


Quaresma, M.A.G., Trigo-Rodrigues, I., Pereira-Silva, R., Santos, N., Alves, S.P., Lemos J.P.C., Barreto, A.S., Bessa, R.J.B. 2011. Nutritional evaluation of the lipid fraction of feral wild boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) meat. Meat Science, 89:457-461. (Link)


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Lopes, P.A., Martins, S.V., Viana, R.S.J., Ramalho, R.M., Alfaia, C.M., Pinho, M.S., Jerónimo, E., Bessa, R.J.B., Castro, M.F., Rodrigues, C.M.P., Prates, J.A.M. 2011. Contrasting apoptotic responses of conjugated linoleic acid in the liver of obese Zucker rats fed palm oil or ovine fat. Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes & Essential Fatty Acids 85:89-96.(Link)


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Alves, S.P., Tyburcz, C., Lawrence, P., Bessa, R.J.B., Brenna, J.T. 2011. Acetonitrile covalent adduct chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry of non-methylene interrupted pentaene fatty acid methyl esters. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 25:1933-1941.(Link)


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Bressan, M.C., Rossato, L.V., Rodrigues, E.C, Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Ramos, E.R., Gama, L.T. 2011. Genotype x environment interactions for fatty acid profiles in Bos indicus and Bos taurus finished on either pasture or grain. Journal of Animal Science 89:221-232.(Link)


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___________________________________ 2010___________________________________


Jerónimo, E., Alves, S.P., Martins, S.V., Prates, J.A.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Santos-Silva, J. 2010. Effect of sodium bentonite and vegetable oil blend supplementation on growth, carcass and meat quality and intramuscular fatt:y acid composition of lambs. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 158:136-145. (Link)


Jerónimo, E., Alves, S.P., Dentinho, M.T.P., Martins, S.V., Prates, J.A.M., Vasta,V., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J.B., 2010. Effect of grape seed extract, Cistus ladanifer L., and vegetable oil supplementation on fatty acid composition of abomasal digesta and intramuscular fat of lambs. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 58:10710-10721. (Link)


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___________________________________ 2009___________________________________


Alves, S.P., Cabrita, A.R.J., Fonseca, A.J.M., Bessa, R.J.B. 2009. Effects of a purification step and the type of internal standard used on fatty acid determination of grass and maize silages. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 57:10793-10797. (Link)


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