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___________________________________ 2013 ___________________________________ 


Costa, A.S.H., Pires, V.M.R., Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. Expression of genes controlling fat deposition in two genetically diverse beef cattle breeds fed high or low silage diets. BMC Veterinary Research 9:118 (Link).


Madeira, M.S., Costa, P., Alfaia, C.M., Lopes, P.A., Bessa, R.J.B., Lemos, J.P.C., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. The increased intramuscular fat promoted by dietary lysine restriction in lean but not in fatty pig genotypes improves pork sensory attribute. Journal of Animal Science 91:3177-3187. (Link)  


Madeira, M.S., Pires, V.M.R., Alfaia, C.M., Costa, A.S.H., Luxton, R., Doran, O., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. Differential effects of reduced protein diets on fatty acid composition and gene expression in muscle and subcutaneous adipose tissue of Alentejana purebred and Large White × Landrace × Pietrain crossbred pigs. British Journal of Nutrition 110:216-229. (Link


Prates, E.G., Alves, S.P., Marques, C.C., Batista, M.C., Horta, A.E.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Pereira, R.M. 2013. Fatty acid composition of porcine cumulus oocyte complexes (COC) during maturation: effect of the lipid modulators trans-10, cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid (t10c12 CLA) and forskolin. In vitro celular & Development Biology - Animal 49:335-345. (Link)


Santos, A.S., Ferreira, L.M.M., Martin-Rosset, W., Cone, J.W., Bessa, R.J.B., Rodrigues, M.A.M. 2013. Effect of nitrogen sources on in vitro fermentation profiles and microbial yield using caecal contents. Animal Feed Science and Technology 182:93-99. (Link)


Santos, A.S., Jerónimo, E., Ferreira, L.M., Rodrigues, M.A.M., Bessa, R.J.B. 2013. Techinical note: Fatty acids purine profile of ceacum and coloon bacteria as indicators of equine microbial metabolism.  Journal of Animal Science 91:1753-1757. (Link)


Costa, A.S.H., Silva, M.P., Alfaia, C.P.M., Pires, V.M.R., Fontes, C.M.G.A., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. Genetic background and diet impact beef fatty acid composition and stearoyl-CoA desaturase mRNA expression. Lipids 48:369-381. (Link)


Alves, S.P., Santos-Silva J., Cabrita A.R.J., Fonseca, A.J.M., Bessa, R.J.B. 2013. Detailed dimethylacetal and fatty acid composition of rumen content from lambs fed lucerne or concentrate supplemented with soybean oil. PLoS ONE  8(3):e58386. (Link)


Monteiro, A.C.G., Gomes, E., Barreto, A.S., Silva, M.F., Fontes, M.A., Bessa, R.J.B., Lemos, J.P.C. 2013. Eating quality of "Vitela Tradicional do Montado"-PGI veal and Mertolenga-PDO veal and beef. Meat Science 94:63-68. (Link)


Costa, A.S.H., Costa, P., Bessa, R.J.B., Lemos, J.P.C., Simões,J., Santos-Silva,J.,Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M. 2013. Carcass fat partitioning and meat quality of Alentejana and Barrosã young bulls fed high or low maize silage diets. Meat Science 93:405-412. (Link)


Gama, L.T., Bressan, M.C., Rodrigues, E.C., Rossato, L.V., Moreira, O.C., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B. 2013. Heterosis for meat quality and fatty acid profiles in crosses among Bos indicus and Bos taurus finished on pasture or grain. Meat Science 93:96-104. (Link)


___________________________________ 2012 ___________________________________


Conte, G., Jerónimo, E., Serra, A., Bessa, R.J.B., Mele, M. 2012. Effect of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids on stearoyl CoA-desaturase gene expression in intramuscular lipids of lamb. Italian Journal of Animal Science 11:e79 (Link)


Jerónimo, E., Alfaia, C.M.M., Alves, S.P., Dentinho, M.T.P., Prates, J.A.M., Vasta, V., Santos-Silva, J. Bessa, R.J.B. 2012. Effect of dietary grape seed extract and Cistus ladanifer L. in combination with vegetable oil supplementation on lamb meat quality. Meat Science 92:841-847. (Link)


Quaresma, M.A.G., Trigo-Rodrigues, I., Alves, S.P., Martins, S.I:V:, Barreto, A.S., Bessa, R.J.B. 2012. Nutritional evaluation of the lipid fraction of Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus) tenderloin. Meat Science 92:519-524. (Link)

Pestana, J.M., Costa, A.S.H., Martins, S.V., Alfaia, C.M., Alves, S.P., Lopes, P.A., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2012. Effect of slaughter season and muscle type on the fatty acid composition,  including conjugated linoleic acid isomers, and nutritional value of intramuscular fat in organic beef. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 92:2428-2435. (Link)


Costa, P., Lemos, J.P., Lopes, P.A., Alfaia, C.M., Costa, A.S.H., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M., 2012. Effect of low- and high-forage diets on meat quality and fatty acid composition of Alentejana and Barrosa beef breeds. Animal, 6:1187-1197. (Link)


Martins, A.P., Lopes, P.A., Madeira, M.S., Martins, S.V., Santos, N.C., Moura, T.F., Prates, J.A.M., Soveral, G., 2012, Differences in lipid deposition and adipose membrane biophysical properties from lean and obese pigs under dietary protein restriction. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 423:170-175. (Link


Monteiro, A.C.G., Fontes, M.A., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M., Lemos, J.P.C. 2012, Intramuscular lipids of Mertolenga-PDO beef, Mertolenga-PDO veal and "Vitela Tradicional do Montado"-PGI veal. Food Chemistry, 132:1486-1494. (Link)


Ozorio, R.O.A., Escorcio, C., Bessa, R.J.B., Ramos, B., Gonçalves, J.F.M., 2012.Comparative effects of dietary L-carnitine supplementation on diploid and  triploid rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Aquaculture Nutrition, 18:189-201. (Link)


Faria, P.B., Bressan, M.C., Vieira, J.A., Vicente-Neto, J., Ferrão, S.P.B.,Rosa, F.C., Monteiro, M., Cardoso, M.G., Gama, L.T. 2012. Meat quality and lipid profiles in crossbred lambs finished on clover-rich pastures. Meat Science, 90:733-738. (Link)


Pestana, J.M.,Costa, A.S.H., Alfaia, C.M., Costa, P., Martins, S.V., Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2012. Seasonal changes and muscle type effect on the nutritional quality of intramuscular fat in Mirandesa-PDO veal. Meat Science 90:819-827. (Link)


Pestana, J.M.,Costa, A.S.H., Alves, S.P., Martins, S.V., Alfaia, C.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2012. Lipid composition and nutritional quality of intramuscular fat in Charneca-PDO beef. European Food Research and Technology, 234:187-196. (Link)


Santos, A.S., Ferreira, L.M.M., Martin-Rosset, W., Cotovio, M., Silva, F., Bennett, R.N., Cone, J.W., Bessa, R.J.B., Rodrigues, M.A.M., 2012. The influence of casein and ureia as nitrogen sources on in vitro equine caecal fermentation. Animal 6:1096-1102. (Link)


Maia, M.R.G., Correia, C.A.S., Alves, S.P., Fonseca, A.J.M., Cabrita, A.R.J., 2012. Stearidonic acid metabolism by mixed ruminal microorganisms in vitro. Journal of Animal Science, 90:900-904. (Link)


Alves, S.P., Maia, M.R.G., Bessa, R.J.B., Fonseca, A.J.M., Cabrita, A.R.J., 2012. Identification of C18 Intermediates Formed During Stearidonic Acid Biohydrogenation by Rumen Microorganisms In Vitro. Lipids, 47:171-183. (Link)


Costa, A.S.H., Lopes, P.A., Estevão, M., Martins, S.V., Alves, S.P., Pinto, R.M.A.,Pissara, H., Correia, J.J., Pinho, M, Fontes, C.M.G.A., Prates, J.A.M., 2012. Contrasting Cellularity and Fatty Acid Composition in Fat Depots from Alentejana and Barrosa Bovine Breeds Fed High and Low Forage Diets. International Journal of Biological Sciences, 8:214-227. (Link)


Martins, S.V., Lopes, P.A., Alves, S.P., Alfaia, C.M., Castro, M.F., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M., 2012. Dietary CLA Combined with Palm Oil or Ovine Fat Differentially Influences Fatty Acid Deposition in Tissues of Obese Zucker Rats. Lipids, 47:47-58. (Link)


Bastos, A.P., Piedade, J., Ramalho, R., Alves, S.P., Soares, H., Cornelis, P., Martins, C., Leitão, A., 2012. A new cloning system based on the OprI lipoprotein for the production of recombinant bacterial cell wall-derived immunogenic formulations. Journal of Biotechnology, 157:50-63. (Link)


Vasta, V., Bessa, R.J.B., 2012. Manipulating Ruminal Biohydrogenation by the Use of Plants Bioactive Compounds. In: Dietary Phytochemistry and Microbes. Ed. A.K. Patra, Springer Netherlands, pp. 263-284. (DOI - 10.1007/978-94-007-3926-0_9). (Link)


Lopes, P.A., Martins,S.V.,  Prates, J.A.M., 2012. Modulation of Dietary Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Effects by Saturated Fats. In: Saturated Fats: Metabolism, Disease Risks and Public Awareness (Joseph P. Langella editor), Chapter 2, Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York, USA, pp. 45-70. (Link)


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 ___________________________________ 2011 ___________________________________


Martins, A.P.,Lopes, P.A., Costa, A.S.H., Martins, S.V., Santos, N.C., Prates, J.A.M.,Moura, T.F., Soveral, G., 2011. Differential mesenteric fat deposition in bovines fed on silage or concentrate is independent of glycerol membrane permeability. Animal, 5:1949-1956. (Link)


Quaresma, M.A.G., Trigo-Rodrigues, I., Pereira-Silva, R., Santos, N., Alves, S.P., Lemos J.P.C., Barreto, A.S., Bessa, R.J.B. 2011. Nutritional evaluation of the lipid fraction of feral wild boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) meat. Meat Science, 89:457-461. (Link)


Costa, P., Costa, A.F., Lopes, P.A., Alfaia, C.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Roseiro, L. C., Prates, J.A.M., 2011. Fatty acid composition, cholesterol and α-tocopherol of Barrosã-PDO veal produced in farms located in lowlands, ridges and mountains. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis, 24:987-994 (Link)


Lopes, P.A., Martins, S.V., Viana, R.S.J., Ramalho, R.M., Alfaia, C.M., Pinho, M.S., Jerónimo, E., Bessa, R.J.B., Castro, M.F., Rodrigues, C.M.P., Prates, J.A.M. 2011. Contrasting apoptotic responses of conjugated linoleic acid in the liver of obese Zucker rats fed palm oil or ovine fat. Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes & Essential Fatty Acids 85:89-96.(Link)


Alves, S.P., Cabrita, A.R.J., Jerónimo, E., Bessa, R.J.B., Fonseca, A.J.M. 2011. Effect of ensiling and silage additives on fatty acid composition of ryegrass and corn experimental silages. Journal of Animal Science, 89:2537-2545. (Link)  


Alves, S.P., Tyburcz, C., Lawrence, P., Bessa, R.J.B., Brenna, J.T. 2011. Acetonitrile covalent adduct chemical ionization tandem mass spectrometry of non-methylene interrupted pentaene fatty acid methyl esters. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 25:1933-1941.(Link)


Jeronimo, E., Alves, S.P., Alfaia, C.M.M., Prates, J.A.M., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J.B. 2011. Distribution of C18 fatty acids between polar and neutral intramuscular lipids of lambs fed with sunflower oil and/or linseed oil. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 113:924-934. (Link)


Martins, S.I.V., Lopes, P.A., Alves, S.P., Alfaia, C.M., Nascimento, M., , Castro, M.F., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M., 2011. Dietary conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) isomers change the unsaturation degree of hepatic fatty acids in neutral lipids but not in polar lipids. Nutrition Research 31:246-254.(Link)


Lapa, M., Marques, C.C., Alves, S.P., Vasques, M.I., Baptista, M.C., Carvalhais, I., Silva Pereira, M., Horta, A.E.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Pereira, R.M., 2011. Effect of trans-10 cis-12 conjugated linoleic acid (t10,c12 CLA) on bovine oocyte competence and fatty acid composition. Reproduction in Domestic Animals. 46:904-910. (Link)


Bressan, M.C., Rossato, L.V., Rodrigues, E.C, Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Ramos, E.R., Gama, L.T. 2011. Genotype x environment interactions for fatty acid profiles in Bos indicus and Bos taurus finished on either pasture or grain. Journal of Animal Science 89:221-232.(Link)


Santos, A.S., Rodrigues, M.A.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Ferreira, L.M., Martin-Rosset, W., 2011. Understanding the equine cecum-colon ecosystem. Current knowledge and future perspectives. Animal 5:48-56.(Link)


Prates, J.A.M., Alfaia, C.M., Alves,S.P., Bessa, R.J.B., 2011. Fatty acids (chapter. 9). In: Handbook of Analysis of Edible Animal By-Products. Ed.F. Tóldra, CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group. Pp. 137-159. (Link)


Alfaia, C.M., Martins,S.V., Lopes, P.A., Prates, J.A.M., 2011. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) as a Body Fat Reducing Agent. In: Body Fat: Composition, Measurements and Reduction Procedures (Julie Bienertová-Vasku editor), Chapter 1, Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York, USA, pp. 1-34.  (Link)


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___________________________________ 2010___________________________________


Jerónimo, E., Alves, S.P., Martins, S.V., Prates, J.A.M., Bessa, R.J.B., Santos-Silva, J. 2010. Effect of sodium bentonite and vegetable oil blend supplementation on growth, carcass and meat quality and intramuscular fatt:y acid composition of lambs. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 158:136-145. (Link)


Jerónimo, E., Alves, S.P., Dentinho, M.T.P., Martins, S.V., Prates, J.A.M., Vasta,V., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J.B., 2010. Effect of grape seed extract, Cistus ladanifer L., and vegetable oil supplementation on fatty acid composition of abomasal digesta and intramuscular fat of lambs. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 58:10710-10721. (Link)


Martins, A.P., Lopes, P.A., Martins, S.V., Madeira, A., Santos, N.C., Prates, J.A.M., Moura, T.F., Soveral, G., 2010. Conjugated linoleic acid reduces permeability and fluidity of adipose plasma membranes from obese Zucker rats. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 398:199-204. (Link)


Rossato, L.V., Bressan, M.C., Rodrigues, E.C., Gama, L.T., Bessa, R.J.B., Alves, S.P. 2010. Parâmetros físico-químicos e perfil de ácidos graxos da carne de bovinos Angus e Nelore terminados em pastagem. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia. 39:1127-1134. (Link)


Ozorio R.O.A., Van Ginneken V.J.T., Bessa, R.J.B., Verstegen M.W.A., Verreth J.A.J., Huisman E.A. 2010. Effects of dietary L-carnitine supplementation and exercise on carnitine and lipid metabolism in African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) fed different lipid levels. British Journal of Nutrition 103:1139-1150. (Link)


Martins, S.V., Lopes, P.A., Alfaia, C.M., Rodrigues, P.O., Alves, S.P., Pinto, R.M.A., Castro, M.F., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2010. Serum adipokine profile and fatty acid composition of adipose tissues are affected 2 by conjugated linoleic acid and saturated fat diets in obese Zucker rats. British Journal of Nutrition. 103:869-878. (Link)


Alfaia, C.M.M., Alves, S.P., Lopes, A.F., Fernandes M.J.E.,Costa A.S.H., Castro, M.L.F., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2010. Effect of cooking methods on fatty acids, conjugated isomers of linoleic acid and nutritional quality of beef intramuscular fat. Meat Science 84:769-777. (Link)


Vasta, V., Jerónimo, E., Brogna, D.M.R., Dentinho, M.T.P., Biondi, L. Santos-Silva, J. Priolo, A., Bessa, R.J.B. 2010. The effect of grape seed extract or Cistus ladanifer L. on muscle volatile compounds of lambs fed dehydrated lucerne supplemented with oil. Food Chemistry 119:1339-1345. (Link)


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___________________________________ 2009___________________________________


Alves, S.P., Cabrita, A.R.J., Fonseca, A.J.M., Bessa, R.J.B. 2009. Effects of a purification step and the type of internal standard used on fatty acid determination of grass and maize silages. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 57:10793-10797. (Link)


Rossato, L.V., Bressan, M.C., Rodrigues, E.C., Carolino, Bessa, R.J.B., Alves, S.P. 2009. Composição lipídica de carne bovina de grupos genéticos taurinos e zebuínos terminados em confinamento. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 38:1841-1846. (Link)


Jeronimo, E., Alves, S.P., Prates, J.A.M., Santos-Silva, J., Bessa, R.J.B. 2009. Effect of dietary replacement of sunflower oil with linseed oil on intramuscular fatty acids of lamb meat. Meat Science 83:499-505. (Link)


Rego, O.A., Alves, S.P., Antunes, L.M.S., Rosa, H.J.D., Alfaia, C.M.M., Prates, J.A.M., Cabrita, A.R.J., Fonseca, A.J.M., Bessa, R.J.B. 2009. Rumen biohydrogenation derived fatty acids in milk fat from grazing dairy cows supplemented with rapeseed, sunflower and linseed oils. Journal of Dairy Science 92:4530-4540. (Link)


Cabrita, A.R.J., Vale, J.M.P., Bessa, R.J.B., Dewhurst, R.J., Fonseca, A.J.M. 2009. Effects of dietary starch source and buffers on milk responses and rumen fatty acids biohydrogenation of dairy cows fed corn silage-based diets. Animal Feed Science and Technology. 152: 267-277. (Link)


Costa, P., Roseiro, L.C., Alves, V., Calkins, C.R., Bessa, R.J.B., Santos, C. 2009. Nutrient and fiber type in Barrosã muscles. Livestock Science 125:50-59. (Link)


Alves, S.P., Bessa, R.J.B. 2009. Comparison of two GLC columns for the analysis of fatty acids in ruminant meat. Journal of Chromatography A. 1216:5130-5139. (Link)


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Bessa, R.J.B., Maia, M.R.G., Jerónimo, E., Belo. A.T., Cabrita, A.R.J., Dewhurst, R.J., Fonseca, A.J.M. 2009. Using microbial fatty acids to improve understanding of the contribution of solid associated bacteria to microbial flows from the rumen. Animal Feed Science and Technology 150:197-206. (Link)


Soveral, G., Martins, A.P., Martins, S.V.,Lopes, P.A., Alfaia, C.M., Prates, J.A.M., Moura, T.F., 2009. Effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acid isomers on water and glycerol permeability of kidney membranes. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 383:108-112.(Link)


Alfaia, C.M., Alves, S.P., Martins, S.I.V., Costa, A.S.H., Fontes, C.M.G.A., Lemos, J.P.C., Bessa, R.J.B., Prates, J.A.M. 2009. Effect of the feeding system on intramuscular fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid isomers of beef cattle, with emphasis on their nutritional value and discriminant ability. Food Chemistry 114:939-946. (Link)


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