CIISA current research projects in lipids area


PTDC/CVT/099210/2008 - Improving fat partioning and nutritional quality in pigs: developing feeding strategies and providing insights into genetic and metabolic mechanisms (PI - José A.M. Prates, CIISA)


PTDC/CVT/103934/2008 - Nutritional strategies to increase bioactive fatty acids proportion in lambs eatable fat (PI - José Santos Silva, INIAV)


PTDC/CVT/111744/2009 - Changes in muscle gene expression as response to selection for high growth and to growth path (PI - Paulo Costa, CIISA)


PTDC/CVT/120122/2010 - Modulation of rumen biohydrogenation through polyunsaturated fatty acid overload and tannins. (PI - Rui J.B.Bessa, CIISA)


PTDC/CVT/116729/2010 - Genetics of meat quality in Iberian pigs (PI - Cristina Bressan, INIAV)


PTDC/CVT/116499/2010 - Lactation and milk production in goat (Capra hircus): identifying molecular markers underlying adaptation to seasonal weight loss (PI - André Almeida, CIISA/ITQB)




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